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From: Spain

Genre: Dance/Electronica, Chill-Out, Tech-house

deeplastik starts musically as a guitarist from the hand of Marcos Castilla, renowned jazz musician, that opens to him the doors to the endless world of modern musical harmony.

After being involved in different local bands, he begins his stage as the guitarist of Sigma 7, considered one of the most influential Break beat group in the Spanish electronic music in the late 90.

With the aid of JMekka, founder of the empire, manages to fuse the sound of his guitar with electronic music on…

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  1. Podcast AMHR003 Video Experience

  2. Deeplastik Structure (original mix)

  3. Underground Tech Vol 6

  4. Underground Tech Vol 8

  5. deeplastik - My Retina

  6. Show Me The Road (Blender-Video)

  7. Autumn (original mix)

  8. Supersonic (deeplastik remix)-Experimental video

  9. The Way You Move
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