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Vienna, Austria

mind.in.a.box is Austrian electronic music band which includes Stefan Poiss (vocals), Roman Stift (Bass), Gehard Höffler (Drums) and Adam Wehsely-Swiczinsky (Guitar) . Their "technopop" sound can be described as a cross between futurepop and progressive trance.

mind.in.a.box is currently working on their 5th studio LP, which was intended for a 2010 release. In January 2011, the album was stated to be "nearly finished" and seeking a new label to publish it. In March 2011, Stefan Poiss released the debut single from his new side project THYX. Stefan Poiss and Markus Hadwiger were childhood friends in their native Austria. Over the course of their adult lives, they had collaborated on creating a number of computer games. In 2000, Poiss had decided to create a music album. With Poiss writing the music and performing the vocals and Hadwiger providing the lyrics, mind.in.a.box' debut album Lost Alone was completed in 2001. After approaching dependent, the album spent another year being tweaked and marketed before it was finally released in 2002. Lost Alone was an immediate success and soared to the number one spot in the Deutsche Alternative Charts where it would stay for five consecutive weeks.